January 14, 2008

Creative differences... A Monty Python sketch

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Mel Brooks and Monty Python have in common? Well, they all have come up with their own version of The Last Supper. It's interesting how one same theme can lend itself to some very different interpretations!

Artists, however, occasionally have a hard time trying to explain their creative work to other people! Watch this funny sketch with British group Monty Python about a hypothetical meeting between the Pope and Michelangelo. Why is the Pope angry? What changes did the artist make in the classic scene? If you prefer to watch the video with no subtitles, click

Here's a text (good for CAE vocabulary practice) that descibes how some of the most creative ideas can, in fact, be quite simple!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Project Platypus,

I'm Pat from Portugal and I'm also a ESL teacher. Congratulations on your blog, I had great pleasure reading your posts and a great laugh watching the Monty Python video! I'm their fan ,they are simply the best!

I've also loved your hangman game! It's fantastic and quite usefu and fun for ESL students. If possible I'll add one to my primary english blog!(www.abcgo.wordpress.com)

cheers (beijinhos)

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Pat, thanks for dropping by! You're doing a terrific job with your kids and there are lots of interesting games and activities on the internet for them! I only have adult students but I find that children love working online!
Um abraço,