January 08, 2008

Leonardo's 'Last Supper' at 16 billion pixels

Not many people are lucky enough to visit Italy and see Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper up close. The 15th century mural underwent a major restoration process which took over 20 years and aimed to restore the masterpiece to its original form and colours. Until now, if you wanted to see it, you would have to book well in advance, as only a limited number of visitors are allowed in the room at one time, and would only be able to stay there for about 15 minutes.

Now, however, you can take a virtual look at one of Leonardo's most famous art works, and observe details that would be impossible to notice in person - all that in high definition, at 16 billion pixels. You can zoom in and out and 'move' the image up and down and to the sides to see, for example, details of very small objects on the table and outside the window.

Just imagine what Dan Brown would have written in his 'The da Vinci Code' if he had seen this website before... :-)

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