January 11, 2008

Cycling safely in Portland, OR

Cycling to work or school is not only good exercise, but also environmentally-friendly and an effective way of arriving faster at your destination. But in big urban centres, it can also be dangerous. Portland (OR), in the United States, is proud of being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country and it's now taking new measures to improve bikers' safety. Read all about the new plans in this article published in the New York Times.

Take a look at this picture with the names of all the different bike parts in English, then try a quiz to test how much you remember. And if you want some listening practice, check this interview with Terry, in which he talks about his bicycle trips. There are five parts in all, and you can choose if you want to just listen (click on 'flash audio'), try the comprehension questions (click on 'show quiz') or read the script while you listen to the recording (click on 'text-mp3').

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