May 09, 2007

May 13 - Happy Mother's Day!

Clara sends a kiss to all moms and moms-to-be!

Click here to try a vocabulary game related to members of the family. Have fun!


delvallesiosi said...
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delvallesiosi said...

I want a Mother's Day in May!!!.
Here, in Argentina, we've got our Mother's Day in October.It's a commercial festivity,there are lots of ads selling presents to kids to buy for their Mums.
At schools it's Family's Day, because they say it's a problem for kids who don't have a Mum.
I don't agree,I think we lost our Mother's Day, because Dad's day in June is still there....
It isn't fair,don't you think???

Susana Canelo
from Del Valle in Argentina

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Susana! It's interesting to see that these festivities are celebrated on different days here and in Argentina, I didn't know that! Father's Day in Brazil happens on the second Sunday in August, Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. Both dates are very commercial here too, so it's up to us to make them more meaningful, I guess!
Hugs from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

A big kiss to all mothers!!! Happy Mother's Day!
Aline M.