May 11, 2007

A tribute to a mother

Dr. Benjamin Carson, a renowned surgeon at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the U.S., grew up in a poor Detroit neighbourhood, in a single-parent family. His mother couldn't read or write but she believed in the importance of good education. Dr. Carson says he owes it all to that remarkable woman whose faith could not be shaken. In the radio series "This I believe", he talks about his childhood and the lessons he learned from his mother.

You can read the text while listening to dr. Carson reading his essay by clicking on "listen" when the new page opens.


Kakehasi said...

this is a beautyfull history but, unfortunately, very rare. This is an example that children can grow up with good models from their parents and become better adults than those we heard about every day, or even than those we have to deal with very close of us. Despite that, they can remember a very hard childhood with some happiness . Of course mothers are important for kids but, more than that, they need examples of good adults.

Mônica said...

It's true, adults sometimes forget that they are the first (and often the most important) role models to children. Good role models can be found everywhere and they do not depend on social background. So it is important that we show children that these examples do exist and they are the ones worth following.
Thanks for posting your thoughts on the subject!

Anonymous said...

Really inspiring, adults should always think about the part they play in their children's present and future!