May 06, 2007

What you learn watching the film "300"

People sometimes discuss crazy things in online message boards. Going through the other day, I came across a funny thread where movie fans talked about Zack Snyder's hit, "300". It's called "300 things I've learned watching 300". Here are 10 things people say they've discovered (my selection):

10- Phalanx: a formation where Spartans hold their shields & spears to protect themselves, kill around 3 Persians and then go off and fight however the hell way they want to fight.
9- It is completely possible to stack a 40-foot-high wall of rotting corpses in a four-hour time span without the use of heavy machinery. And dead Persians make EXCELLENT mortar for stone walls.
8- Blood disappears soon after it's exposed to oxygen.
7- Spartans were terrible at counting: 300 Spartans + 700 Thespians + 1,000 helots = 300 Spartans.
6- Rejected Spartan newborn babies skulls will mysteriously grow to full-size, adult skulls when thrown from a cliff after birth.
5- If you overfeed a rhino, it can grow twice as big as a man.
4- Ninjas were employed by the Persian army.
3- No matter what question a Spartan Captain asks his troops, "OH-WOOOOOH" is considered a completely acceptable answer.
2- The Spartan army brings a CD player with loud rock music to any war.
1- Spartan shields are made from the same metal as Wonder Woman's bracelets.
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Anonymous said...

I have one: J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth (The Lord of the Rings) is located between Persia and Sparta. That explains why the Ephors - and some of the creatures of the Persian army - look like they came out of Tolkien's story!

Mônica Veado said...

Ah, that explains it, Bernardo! :-)
I guess Spartans shouldn't have ignored what Edina E. Mode (from the animation film The Incredibles) told Mr. Incredible, when he asked her to design a new super-hero outfit: "NO CAPE!" I wonder why Spartans went to war wearing them... :-)