April 27, 2008

Writing mini sagas

What is a mini saga? A mini saga is a text with exactly 50 words in it. Writing a text in a few words may seem challenging, but here are a few examples of mini sagas, written by children:

Mrs Bailey’s glasses
My teacher Mrs Bailey wears a pair of spectacles. They’re rather rounded and perched there, glaring at you! One day they fell. She perched them on again. The left lens said, ‘I hate looking at books, I want holidays in the sun.’ Mrs Bailey only sees half the class, now. (aged 9)

Rich but still hungry
I had a chicken. Daily it laid an egg for my breakfast until one day it started laying golden eggs and so I was hungry every morning getting thinner and thinner. Until I thought to sell the golden eggs to a jeweller and buy bacon and eggs from the shop. (aged 7)

Rain aid
It is raining here but it isn’t in Africa. The people are hungry. Some of the children’s Mummies and Daddies have died. And the children are dying too. I hope that it doesn’t happen to us. I sent Tee Shirts to Africa. I wish I could send the rain too. (aged 7)

Some mini sagas also have a touch of humour.

So how can you write a mini saga? Well, start by selecting a story you would liketo tell. Maybe it comes from a newspaper article you read, maybe it's something that happened to you or to someone you know, maybe it's based on a story everybody knows. What are you going to write about?

Next, write the story. Don't worry about the number of words, you can edit your text later. Now read what you've written. Is the story complete? So now you can start editing it; read it again and again, eliminating extra words, or maybe substituting whole expressions for one single word.

How many words do you have now? Go on reading and editing your text until you have exactly 50 words. You may have to adapt your story, substitute words and eliminate those that are not absolutely essential.

What about the title? It should have a maximum of 15 words, and it must give your readers an idea of what your mini saga is about!

Now you can publish your mini saga clicking on 'COMMENTS' here, so that everybody can read it too!
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gabby said...

There was a girl who wanted a horse,she was obsessed with horses and always talked about them.

And her father dint like horses so he said "I don't have enough money".

"if u don't have enough money you wouldn't buy 2 ipad's and 3 iPhone's"
his daughter exclaimed.