April 24, 2008

Spitting images

You stop at the traffic lights, look at the man in the car next to yours and... could it really be true? Prince Charles driving a van? Julia Roberts at the grocery store? And how about John Lennon at the gas station? Oh, wait... wasn't he dead?

Relax, they are just look-alikes, people who look a lot like some very famous people. In fact, some can be considered the spitting images of the 'original'. Would you like to try a game? Look at the slideshow in this post. Who do the people look like? Do they look different - perhaps they look older or fatter? Then click on 'comments' to check your answers.

Here are a few other activities to revise the use of 'look' and 'look like'. First, a simple grammar activity, followed by a quiz - are they the real celebrities or just their look-alikes? You can also try this listening activity - six people talk about whether they are shy or just look shy... And how about trying a slide quiz using Hollywood celebrities?

The pictures for this slideshow were taken from the Spitting Images website.


Mônica Veado said...

1. David Beckham
2. Elton John
3. Elvis Presley
4. Michael Jackson
5. Mick Jagger
6. Paris Hilton
7. Paul McCartney
8. Luciano Pavarotti
9. Prince Charles
10. Queen Elizabeth II
11. Ronaldo
12. Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

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Mônica said...

Obrigada, Mágico Richar, volte sempre!!!