March 04, 2008

Words we often confuse

Some English words are easily confused. This may happen because they are homophones (they sound the same but have different spelling and meaning), or maybe because they sound or look like a word in our own language - they are 'false friends'.

Here are different activities to help you revise and practise some of these words. First, a short quiz to match similar words to their meanings. You can then try and select which verb completes each sentence correctly clicking here.

If you are at basic or pre-intermediate level, here's a crossword puzzle using opposite verbs. And for intermediate students, why not try this quiz with easily confused verbs?

Finally, a more advanced BBC quiz in which you have to choose which word best completes each sentence. Careful, their meanings are quite similar! Have fun!

Looking for more practice? Try these links!

Advanced vocabulary game

Upper-intermediate: synonyms

Opposites: different activities

Song: Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)

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