January 21, 2008

Song: Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder)

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the third Monday of January. Stevie Wonder wrote a very beautiful song about that, and this is our song this week. You can click here to get the lyrics (opens on a new window).

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Dennis said...

Oí, Mônica.

I just posted a comment on your MLK entry, but for some reason, it disappeared. Hmmm.

Anyway, thanks for including Stevie Wonder's homage to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This great man and others like him in the American Civil Rights Movement changed U.S. society forever. Yes, there are still problems in the U.S. with relations among races and non-dominant ethnic and cultural groups, but they are not nearly as severe and as divisive as they once were. For example, I can remember that when I was a teenager, segregated restrooms and drinking fountains were common. This was often considered to be a problem that only involved African Americans and non-African Americans, but it was actually much broader: "White" vs "Black" was actually "White" vs "People of Color," and "People of Color" included far more than people of African origin.

I never understood the above distinction myself, and I still don't.

Anyway, thanks very much, Mônica, for including the entry on MLK (and also featuring Steview Wonder, who, in my opinion, is a genius).

Your blog is WONDERFUL!


Muitos fuertes abraços do Arizona!

Dennis in Phoenix

Mônica Veado said...

Thank you, Dennis!

This is indeed a beautiful song and a wonderful tribute to a man who, in my opinion, is to this day one of the greatest names in modern history.

More than four decades later, Dr. King's words are still an inspiration to all of those who believe that no human being can be deprived of his basic right to respect and freedom.

Um abraço!