August 02, 2007

What were you doing when...?

"I was driving back home. I was going down the bridge when, suddenly, the car in front of me disappeared. I braked and, luckily, the car stopped." That's what a witness told CNN reporters after a bridge over the Mississipi river collapsed in Minneapolis (MN) on Wednesday.
You may not remember what you were doing at 9 o'clock this morning, but we usually remember what we were doing when very important events happened. Look at the photos (click to enlarge) and tell us: Do you remember what you were doing when...

... Brazil won the World Cup in 2002?

... two planes crashed into the World Trade Center?

... John Lennon was killed in New York City?
... Princess Diana died in a car crash?

... the Berlin Wall fell?

Would you like more practice in retelling events? Click here for a matching activity and here to complete some texts about how famous couples met.

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delvallesiosi said...

Hi Monica:
What a creative way to practice past continuous.
I'm going to use it in my class with my students.
Susana Canelo