June 04, 2007

5th June - World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June. The date was created by the United Nations to help raise awareness to environmental problems around the globe. Here is a link to WED's official website. Click on About WED 2007 and answer:
- When was the first WED celebrated?
- What's the slogan this year?
- What does it focus on?
- Which city is hosting WED 2007?
Now go to Host countries/cities. Which Brazilian city hosted the event? When? What was the theme? (click on Previous themes to find out)

Then, explore the Information material. What kind of information can you find there? Take a look at some of them; for example, "Do's and Don'ts to help the planet" sugests ways of caring for the environment.

And here is a cool video made by Blue Man as part of a campaign in the U.S.


Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) said...

It's great these things about our environment are posted here!
You know today we had a class with my students (senior) and now we just have the topic "Environmental protection" and nobody knew that today is this red-letter day.
I shared this link with my students! :)

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Mônica
Thanks for writing a comment to my students in youtube! It's great to know you are also talking about envinronment this week. I didn't know June 5th was the World Envinronment Day.
By the way, my school coordinator is in BH right now for a seminar of University English teachers. Do you know about this seminar?

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Elena!
I'm glad the materials were useful to you and your students! There will be many events in my city this week to celebrate the date - I guess one day is not enough! :-)
Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs from Brazil

Mônica Veado said...

Hello Erika,
If your school coordinator came for the ABRAPUI conference, I know all about it! :-) In fact, I'm presenting a 'comunicação' on Wednesday at 10a.m.
It was a pleasure to watch your students' video on YouTube - I'm sure you all had a lot of fun putting it together!
Um abraço!

Anonymous said...

Great video! The group will be in Brazil in the end of july!

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hi Mônica, that's exactly the same conference. My school coordinator is Isabela Villas Boas and she is also presenting.
I told her about you, but I guess it might be difficult for her to find you there!

Mônica Veado said...

Yes, Erika, there were a lot of things going on at the same time, it was a pity we never met...