May 20, 2007

Good French music on the web

by Fernanda W.

Hi, guys,
I know that projectplatypus is about English language but I'd like to make you know (specially people in BH) that there's a radio program at OiFM (93,9) on Sunday nights (around 10 pm) called Françamente. It is presented by Paco Pigalle who intends to show that there are other French songs beyond Edith Piaf's. You can listen to them at as well. It's a great (and rare) opportunity to listen to modern (and classics too) French songs.

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Mônica Veado said...

That was a great tip, Fernanda, Paco Pigalle has a very eclectic musical taste and his programmes are always entertaining! I tried to listen to tonight's show in my computer, but for some reason the media didn't open. But clicking on 'Françamente' on the sidebar I was able to listen to the opening programme, which was excellent.
Thanks for posting the link!

Ana Maria said...

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Ana Maria

Fred said...

Hi Mônica, insteresting tip you gave us about french music at OI FM. I used to listen to Paco Pigalle on radio Gerais and his fantastics samples of music around the world. But what about himself? Do you or does anyone know about him? Where was he born, and his experiences in music, for example?

Mônica Veado said...

As far as I know, Fred, Paco Pigalle has French and Moroccan roots. He's opened (and closed) a number of great bars and nightclubs in the city, but I guess his constant travels around the world makes it difficult for him to keep the business going... But that's how he builds his fantastic collection on CDs! :-)