April 04, 2007

Uakti releases its first DVD

Back in 1978, four musicians from Belo Horizonte (Marco Antônio Guimarães, Artur Andrés, Paulo Santos and Décio Ramos) got together to create Uakti, one of the most respected and creative instrumental groups in the world. Since then, they have released 11 albums as a band and played with artists like Paul Simon, Philip Glass, Milton Nascimento and Maria Bethânia.

But just listening to Uakti is not enough. The musicians make their own instruments using everyday objects such as PVC pipes, rubber bands, whistles and cans, and find musical inspiration everywhere, from table cloths to I Ching, playing classics from Bach to Antônio Carlos Jobim, besides their own material. Uakti is, above all, an audiovisual experience.

Now they're finally releasing their first DVD, recorded in September 2006 in Belo Horizonte. To celebrate, the group will be performing at the Palácio das Artes on April 13 and 14, and that's a great opportunity to see them in action. You can also listen to some of their songs by visiting their
website; click on 'discografia' and on the album on the top lefthand corner.


An Kaya said...

Dear Mônica and team,
Such a nice blog!It made me know about this fabolous musical group and dream about your exquisite food.
Whenever I can I spend my holidays in your country enjoying the sea, the weather and your warm hospitality.
I will come back soon to learn more from your Project Platypus.
Happy Easter and go ahead with this wonderful project.

Mônica said...

Thank you for your kind words, An! And yes, come back to visit us!
Um abraço,
Mônica & team

An Kaya said...

I forgot to say the legend is very beautiful.

Ronaldo said...

Dear Monica and Team:

Learning english takes lots of time including those VERY important in classroom.

For me, I believe this will take my whole life! Learning never ends!

Abracos, Ronaldo

Vava Campos said...


This is a very good blog with interesting subjects!
Congratulations! I'll be very proud and glad to take part of your project, and practice some english!

Kisses, Vanessa

Mônica said...

Hi Ronaldo and Vanessa, good to see you here! Welcome to our blog project! You're absolutely right, Ronaldo, learning never ends!
Um abraço,

Nina said...

Dear Monica,
Your blog is created professionally. You have become an expert after completing the EVO workshops. You've learned a lot and. I hope. we all will learn more from each other in this wonderful community.
Thank you very much for sharing good ideas.
The best,
Nina Lyulkun

Mônica said...

Thanks Nina! I'm glad you like our baby blog!

joseantoniook said...

Dear Monica,

Just love your blog. It is a shame I am a little far and cannot go to this show. Brazilian musicians are impressively creative. I really liked reading the info you have posted about this group.
I visited Belo Horizonte in 2004 for our Braz-Tesol convention and just loved your hospitality.
José Antônio

Mônica said...

Hi José Antônio! Check the group's website, I'm sure they'll be playing in Brasília at some point. You came to BH in 2004?! Time for another visit!!! :)
Um abraço.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! It was nice to see you in the theater yesterday, the show was great! Luis A.