April 02, 2007

Comida di Buteco food festival

Everybody knows that Belo Horizonte has more 'bars per inhabitant' than any other Brazilian city. Here they are almost an extension of our own homes, so it's not really surprising to see that the Comida di Buteco food festival - now on its 8th edition - is a huge success.

41 bars participate this year, each presenting one special dish to be evaluated and voted by the public. The bars will also be graded on their hygiene, quality of service and 'coldest beer'. For the second time, the exhibition Arte no Banheiro ("Art in the Restroom") invites local artists to turn the restrooms into art galleries, with prizes for the best works of art. And musicians, actors and magicians will take turns entertaining the guests, going from bar to bar on different nights.

The festival goes from April 9 until May 9, with the "Festa da Saideira" (the "One-For-The- Road Party") taking place at Casa do Conde between 17-20 May, when the results will be announced.

Have you ever been to the festival? Check
the bars and their menus; which food would you like to try? Leave us your comment!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I haven't been to Comida di Buteco yet, but I hope this year I'll go and I'm sure I'll have a great time!
Thanks Mônica!

Mônica said...

Hi Vanessa, do come back and let us know what you thought of the food and the bars!

rddietrich said...

Everything looks so yummy! What do you suggest?
Love your new blog. Good luck with it!

Ramona from Portugal

Mônica said...

The food looks great, doesn't it? We'll post our suggestions soon!
Um abraço!

Anonymous said...

Comida di Buteco is great but I have one problem, I am vegetarian! :-) See you! Beth

Anonymous said...

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