April 14, 2007

Bad spelling - ooops!

Spelling mistakes like the one in the picture on the left are very obvious, because the word "sotp" does not exist in English. The problem begins when we misspell a word, but the new one also exists in the language! Look at the sentences below; in each one, there is a subtle spelling mistake. Can you find them? Then click here to check the answers.

    1. He gave her a beautiful red hose for her birthday; it was so romantic!

    2. If you win the competition, they will give you a trip which includes free fights, meals and hotel accommodation.

    3. I think I'll have a coke. Wind usually gives me a headache the next morning...

    4. For sale: a pair of vandals, brand new.

    5. Doctors say the ultra-violent rays of the sun can be bad for your skin, so don't forget your sunscreen.

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