April 13, 2007

Are you superstitious?

Today is Friday 13th! Some people think that 13 is a very unlucky number; that walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck; that if you break a mirror, you will have 7 years of bad luck.

here and listen to what people from different countries say about superstitions. Which ones do we have in Brazil? How superstitious are you? What do you do to attract good fortune or keep bad luck away? Leave us your comments, or record your voice message here (you will need to sign up first, but it's a very simple process).


Berta said...

Since I don´t have a mike at the moment, I will write about a supersticion we have in Caracas, if you place your handbag on the floor, your money will go away ... and if you don´t believe in it, many people will pick it up anyway and give it to you saying "don´t do that, it´s bad for your money". Do you have something similar about money in your country? I hope to read and listen to more supersticions from all over the world here when I come back to this blog next time. Best regards, Berta

Berta said...
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Mônica said...

Hi Berta, a lot of people in here in Brazil have exactly the same superstition! Um abraço, Mônica

Carla Arena said...

Well, Mônica and Students,

As I'm also from Brazil, I know about the same superstitions as you do, but one that comes to my mind is the one of the broken mirror and seven years of bad luck.

I wonder if you have any superstitions before taking tests...I remember I used to use the same pen to take tests. Kind of my "superstition" that would only work if I studied for the test, of course. How about you?


Carla in Key West, Florida.

Mônica said...

Hi Carla! I never had any special superstitions before tests, but I remember always trying to sit at the same desk when I was in high school... Never really knew why! :)

Linda Rhinehart Neas with her Muse said...

Being a mother of four, I have heard just about every superstition there is about pregnancy, before, after and during!

Some of them as so silly, like if you raise your hands above your head you will strangle the baby. Or, if you go swimming the baby will drown! Really...this was told to me by more than one person!

The one that I could never understand was many of the athletes at school will wear the same socks, or shirt or some article of clothing and not wash it all season. YUCK! But, they seem to thing it brings them good luck...

My feelings, after many years of experience, is, "If you don't believe in the magic, it doesn't happen." So, if you believe in superstitions, then you will find reasons to continue the tradition. If you don't, the same is true.

Great activity! Once again shows show similar we all are, even though we live in different parts of the Earth.

Mônica said...

Hi Linda! Here in Brazil, not only athletes, but many football fans too, believe they shouldn't wash their shirt or socks as long as their team is winning!
I agree with you, superstitions can be a good example of how different - and how very much alike - we all are! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone! I must confess, I am really supertitious... Everyday when I´m about to take the road to work - o Anel Rodoviário, I use to pray and ask for God Blessing to go and come back home safetly. Well, this is my private supertitious "procedure"!
And I never, ever place my handbag on the floor... But it´s "just in case", cause my money have already gone away, since I´d bought my place! :-)
Vanessa, from Belo Horizonte/MG

Mônica said...

Yes, Vanessa, that road can be very dangerous, especially at the end of the day with all the heavy trucks...
I don't mind leaving my handbag on the floor, but I keep in my wallet some amulets that my friends have given me over the years, which are supposed to bring money and good luck, so I guess I'm covered! :-)