April 14, 2008

Brazil in the news: Brazilian cachaça

Until fairly recently, the Brazilian cachaça used to be the drink that local people would order in bars when they couldn't afford any other kind of drink. Not any more. Aged cachaças produced in small scale are now a sophisticated product and distillers all over the country are exporting them to Europe and the U.S.. The states of Minas Gerais and Pernambuco have owned the reputation of making the best cachaça in the country but you can find thousands of different brands - many of excellent quality - anywhere you go.

Read all about that in this article published in The New York Times and then watch the video to learn how to prepare Brazil's most famous drink, the caipirinha. If you want to read the script, click on the link at the bottom of the box.

How To Make A Caipirinha Cocktail

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