March 01, 2008

Take a nap and improve your memory

Next time your teacher or boss catches you sleeping at your desk, tell him or her that you are following expert's advice and taking a nap to improve your memory! A recent study conducted by scientists in Israel indicates that a quick afternoon sleep can actually do wonders for your long-term memory and help you remember important information more easily.

But different people have different daily rhythms and appear to be more alert at certain times of the day. What about you? When are you at your best? Answer this questionnaire and find out!

Here's a text with sleep-related vocabulary missing. Print and complete it with the words given. You can also try this error-correction activity. Read the sentences and click on the extra word - but be careful, some sentences are correct!

Finally, how about some listening practice? Listen to Ruth and Akane talking about sleeping problems and try the accomopanying activity. You can also read the script clicking here.

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