October 08, 2007

Do things yourself or have them done?

Are you a DIY (do-it-yourself) type of person or do you prefer to pay someone to do little jobs around the house? Do you like fixing things or would you rather have things done by a professional? Do you wash your car yourself or do you have it cleaned at the nearest car wash? Revise the use of "having something done" looking at some explanations and trying a matching activity.

Here's a scene from the movie "The Money Pit", with Shelley Long and a very young Tom Hanks. They've just bought the house of their dreams, but it does need to have a few things fixed! Tom Hanks is trying to do the work, but I guess he should have it done by an experienced worker... What do you think? What should he do about the staircase? What about the water pipes and the roof?

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