October 30, 2007

Brazil to host World Cup in 2014

Brazil is the official host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The decision was made today in Zurich, Switzerland, and now the country has 7 years to adapt and improve its infrastructure to match FIFA's demands. According to initial estimates, the total costs could reach the sum of 10 billion dollars, but the Brazilian government hopes that a significant percentage of this bill will in fact be paid by private companies interested in investing in the competition.

Those in favour of the Brazilian candidacy point to the benefits that will be generated with the investments made; however, critics believe that the money would be better spent on health and education, for example, rather than on building football stadiums. What do you think? Take our poll on the right!

Here is a fun quiz to learn some important vocabulary related to football (or soccer!). Try it and start getting ready for the World Cup! There are 3 levels, with 3 questions each. Good luck!


Josh said...

I'm so happy that Brazil is going to host 2014 fifa world cup... I don't know if we are ready to host a big event like a world cup, since we don't have many stadiums ready for the games but I know government will do the best to build everything on time. I saw this video ( http://www.weshow.com/br/p/19726/copa_do_mundo_2014_no_brasil ) on the internet that shows the stadiums they are going to build. Some of them already exists, others are just a project. Let's go Brazil! Let's do the best world cup of all time!

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Josh!
Thanks for your comments and link! You're right, we may be a long way from having the most adequate infrastructure, but we certainly have what it takes to make this the most fun World Cup ever! Belo Horizonte is halfway there, with its 12,000 bars... :-)