September 10, 2007

Hello, my name is @!

A baby boy in Mexico was named "Yahoo" by his parents; a Chinese boy was almost called "@" (yes, the email symbol). Children's names are often a matter of fashion, but it seems that parents nowadays do anything to give their kids a truly unique name (and Unique is one of them!).

The trend started with celebrities and their weird baby names: Audio Science, Camera, Fuchsia, Jazz Domino and Pilot Inspektor are just a few examples. But the idea soon spread into the world of non-celebrities as well, and we can only imagine what these kids may have to put up with once they get into school...

Here is a dialogue to practise introducing yourself, and a written dialogue with the words mixed up. Both, luckily, using simple, everyday names! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Brasilian parents are creative too. Look this site!

Bye bye
Isabella - Brasília