August 25, 2007

Mc Happy Day

I'm not a junk-food person at all, and I only eat at Mc Donald's once a year, and that day is today. If you are reading this post in Brazil, today is "Mc Happy Day", the day when the proceeds from the sales of the most famous sandwich in the world go to hospitals and institutions that treat children with cancer. All Mc Donald restaurants in the country are involved, so even if you aren't really a Big Mac fan, you are probably just a few blocks away from one of the shops. Incidentally, Big Mac is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Learn more about it in this article.

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Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I did not like fast food also but this action can help a lot of children.
Children suffering leukemia or other malignancies sometimes have no a complete different point of view.
In my first contact with some of them, I knew a boy in his birthday, his case has no medical options anymore to be tryed (called 'without therapeutic proposals') and a young physician asked him what he wants as a birthday gift...I looked that and said to this physician: "are you crazy? he can ask you a videogame or an Ipod, something that you can not buy right now!".
Do you know what the child want to receive? None eletronic stuff nor anything expensive...he wanted a lemon icecream!
Life is simple!