July 05, 2007

Our visitors around the world!

Have you noticed this world map on the right side of our blog? It shows where in the world our readers are. If you click on the original map, a new window will open and you'll see how many different places are represented - almost 3,000 visits since we first started! Can you recognise all the different countries? Do you know our friends' nationalities? Here are a few activities to revise and practice countries and nationalities in English:

First of all, how about a listening activity? Listen to the description of different flags and mark your answers. Pay attention to the colours, whether there are horizontal or vertical bars, etc., but remember that the flags look quite similar!

Another good activity using flags is a reading activity in the form of a guessing game. You will see a flag and the names of four different countries. Decide which country each flag represents. You can ask for help, but the faster you answer, the more points you get. Have fun!

Looking for some activities to revise vocabulary related to nationalities? Here are links to a wordsearch, a hangman and a crossword puzzle. Also, Elena, a teacher in Russia, has sent us a link to a project on Russia/Latin America that she and her students have been working on (visit their website!). Thank you, Elena!

Lots of activities to choose from!


Elena Nikolaenko said...


You can visit our Website - "Quizes"


Here we have a nice Quiz on flags of Latin America.


Mônica said...

Hi Elena,
thank you so much for the link to the website, what a wonderful project! There is so much to discover about different people and cultures, isn't it? I thought your idea was great!
And I loved the quiz!
A big hug from Brazil