July 12, 2007

How to irritate people!

That was the title of a 1969 mock TV documentary made by John Cleese and his (later) Monty Python friends, which gave practical lessons on how to drive others mad. What makes you lose your temper? Watch the short video below; do things like these drive you up the wall too? How do you react when irritated? What do you do to try and keep calm when something - or someone - is irritating you? Write your ideas in the 'comments' area. And here is a short text (advanced level) to practise the use of prepositions.


fernanda said...

The self-confidence of the American gymnasts is really upsetting, they don't shake, they don't move a thread of hair on the balance beam! Just kidding, they're amazing and deserved the gold medals, but in fact I think that their self-assurance reflects their culture.

Mônica Veado said...

LOL! Those athletes never cease to amaze me, Fernanda, I don't think I had half their discipline and drive when I was their age... They are fantastic. And how do the girls manage to do their solo routines smiling like that?! :-)