July 22, 2007

Grupo Corpo dances "Breu"

by Aline M.
Grupo Corpo's new choreography, Breu, is about violence and the disappearence of moral principles in modern world. The dancers spend most of the time making caotic movements on the floor and for the public who still have the memory of romantic "Lecuona" in their minds, this new work can be a shock. But the choreographer, Rodrigo Pederneiras, believes it is necessary to talk about the problem and to protest against this values inversion. The atmosphere is completed by the music, composed by Lenine, and the black and white costumes and scenery.

As usual, the dance company presents another choreography before the new one, and this time they will show "Sete ou Oito Peças Para Balé", from 1994. The first performance will be in São Paulo next week, and in Belo Horizonte between 6th and 10th of september. After that, the group will dance in different cities in France and Argentina.

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Mônica Veado said...

Hi Aline,
it's wonderful to see a dance company which consistently surprises the audience every time they present a new piece. I'm looking forward to seeing their new choreography!