June 16, 2007

Studying abroad... in Brazil.

by Carolina M.

Once Executives have less available time to adjust their work routine and their career upgrade, it is becoming usual and easy to find a flexible way of doing business specialization courses. These kinds of courses are offered in many ways: by internet, intranet, video conference meetings, part time presence courses and a kind of interaction between teachers and students from other countries.

I have already experienced this kind of courses when I studied for a Master of Business Administration, offered by Ohio University in association with FGV.

I chose the Ohio University MBA for many reasons. One of them was that I could study in a big and well known American university and manage my working and academic times without stop receiving my salary. Another reason was that I could improve my English skills related to professional language and also that I could make good relationships that might be important in my career.

The important thing about choosing this kind of course is that the student must have discipline and plan his/her time because a delay in some tasks could bring problems in the future.

The opportunity is unique and there are very good books that could be useful later and the continuous improving or studying is a must. It is important to differentiate job and career. Career is built, it depends on how you are pro-active in using your knowledge to improve your work or demands. It depends on how you can demonstrate your competencies, and how you can apply what you learned in real life.

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