June 17, 2007

Medieval helpdesk - a funny video!

We know that books have been around for centuries, but can you imagine what it was like when people first started using them? What kind of problems did readers have? This funny Norwegian skit plays with the idea that in the beginning people needed help from a 'helpdesk', just like we often do nowadays when we have problems using computers. Here is the short video with English subtitles.
You can also watch an interview with the guy behind the idea.
If you would like to try an activity to practise homophones (words with similar sound but different spelling), click here.


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's me working with computers...

Fernando said...

I see helpdesk professionals were much better in the middle ages. He's got an answer to each and every question. I wish they were like that today!

Mônica Veado said...

Don't worry, Bernardo, you aren't the exception, there seems to be a lot of Ansgars in the world! :-)
Maybe, as Fernando mentioned, if helpdesk staff were more helpful (and perhaps a bit less virtual?), people might feel less threatened by technology!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blog,

I guess that book didnt have those 'help menu' options that most of the time never help us. Lucky guy!



Mônica Veado said...

... Or the 'FAQ' page, which include everything, except the very question you need answered!