May 16, 2007

You and your multiple intelligences - a test

Are you good at maths? Can you sing a song or play an instrument well? Can you find your way around on a map? Some researchers believe that our ability to undestand the world around us is complex. Different people have diferent abilities and find some tasks easier or more difficult than others. So, instead of having only one intelligence, we would have several intelligences:

- Interpersonal: you like being with people, playing team games, etc.
- Intrapersonal: you know your strong and weak points well
- Kinaesthetic: you enjoy sports and physical activities
- Linguistic: you like reading, writing, talking, learning languages, etc.
- Logical: you are good at maths and solving logical problems
- Musical: you enjoy music and can recognise sounds, timbre, etc.
- Naturalistic: you like things connected with plants, animals and Nature
- Visual/Spatial: you are good at art, reading maps and graphs, etc.

We all have these eight intelligences, some more developed than others. What special intelligences do you have? Take the test and find out.

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