June 01, 2007

Did you know? Hurricane names

by Aline M.

The National Hurricane Center, in the United States, choses the names of the hurricanes. They have a list of names of men and women in alphabetical order, and this list repeats every six years. In 2007, the first hurricane will receive the name 'Andrea' and in 2008, the list begins with the name of a man, 'Arthur'. Then they continue with letters B, C, D, etc. When a hurricane causes too much damage, like Hugo, Andrew and Katrina (photo), the name is never used again. These storms receive the name 'hurricane' when they happen in the Atlantic and 'typhoon' when they happen in Asia.
More information about the names you can find in the NHC's website.


Anonymous said...

hi Blog:

That is nice!!! I didnt know it. I saw the list of names, it is big. I guess there are many hurricane and we dont even notice them.

Cheers, Ronaldo.

Mônica Veado said...

I read somewhere that the name "Katrina" has lost popularity among parents, who now seem to be reluctant to name their girls after the hurricane...