April 22, 2007

National "Choro" Day - Dia Nacional do Choro

by Aline M.

April 23rd is a busy day in terms of celebrations. It's St. George's Day (celebrated in countries like Portugal, Spain and England); it's also the day Cervantes and Shakespeare died (according to the calendar used in England at the time) and, because of that, it's also International Day of the Book, or World Book Day.

But here in Brazil there's another reason to celebrate the date: it's National "
Choro" Day (Dia Nacional do Choro), one of our most genuine and appreciated musical genres. The date was chosen because it is the day Pixinguinha, author of unforgettable songs like Carinhoso and Rosa, was born.

Here are two beautiful examples of his work. The first, a beautifully simple duo with Marisa Monte, accompanied by Paulinho da Viola, singing
Carinhoso. The other, a delightful version the Helsinki Flute Quartet made for 1x0 ("Um a Zero"), proving that good music does not know borders.

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Mônica Veado said...

Hi Aline, a very busy and
cultural day too! There will be some 'chorinho' shows around Belo Horizonte to remember the date! Thanks for your post!