April 28, 2007

Modbury: the first plastic bag-free town in Europe

Not many people have heard about Modbury. Until now, that is. On Monday, April 30th, this nice little place in southwest England will become the first European town to completely ban the use of plastic bags of any kind.

The town's traders have declared war on plastic bags and decided to move to some more environmentally-friendly materials. They now hope local shoppers will join in and adopt a 'plastic bag-free' attitude.

You can read more about this story in this
article published in the Guardian.


Anonymous said...

That is an interesting initiative. Once disposed, plastic bags may take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Maybe we should be asking ourselves what we could do as citizens to help make this world a less polluted place to live.

Carla Arena said...

Hi, guys,

I'm a Brazilian English teacher, but now I'm temporarily living in Key West, Florida. Here in the US, in some places they ask you if you want plastic or brown (paper) bags. Well, I generally go for the plastic bags because they are easier to carry and you can grab many of them at once, but I'm rethinking my own behavior after I read about it here. Let's choose the more ecologically efficient materials, right?

What are the little things you do to preserve nature?

I'm eagerly waiting for your comments.


Anonymous said...

The city hall in Belo Horizonte already has a scheme to collect recyclable materials (plastic, metal, paper and glass) in certain days of the week. There are also big containers on the streets and parks to receive objects to be recycled, and many people here use them.

Mônica Veado said...

Unfortunately, Carla, most supermarkets only provide plastic bags, and you're not allowed to carry your own shopping bag inside. I usually take anything that can be recycled to the street containers Bernardo mentioned, and I also try and re-use things as much as possible...